SQL Server Consulting

All things SQL Server – that’s what we stand for. A highly specialized SQL Server expert is at your doorstep offering variety of standard & customized SQL Consulting services.

We have mentioned most of our SQL consulting services that we offer on a regular basis. If you are looking for something else, just contact us.


  1. Installation and upgrade.
  2. Database Design and Deployment.
  3. Establish and monitor backup routines.
  4. Manage server security and permissions.
  5. Import and export data as required.
  6. Monitor performance and tune database.
  7. Query performance tuning.
  8. Issue resolving.
  9. Database monitoring.
  10. Normalization and De-Normalization of tables.
  11. Collection of performance and utilization of resources.
  12. Verify Backup.
  13. Technical DB Support.
  14. Verify optimal resource management and capacity planning.
  15. DR Support.
  16. Replication Deployment & Support.
  17. Deployment of test databases.
  18. Database reorganizations.
  19. Deployment of new features.
  20. Schema management.
  21. User management.